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You will overcome your health concerns most quickly with proper nerve supply to every cell, organ, & tissue in your body. While the body can go days without water, weeks without food, and minutes without oxygen, it cannot last a second without proper nerve supply. The central nervous system controls all health and healing while your spine surrounds and protects it. The central nervous system is the critical link that connects the body’s systems, helping them communicate, cooperate, react, and respond. Spinal misalignments interfere with the body’s own natural ability to heal & govern health; increasing the risk of pain, illness, and unnecessary suffering while also reducing both quantity & quality of life. A chiropractor’s purpose is to ensure that the flow of vital information from your brain to your body occurs without interference by re-aligning the segments of the spine with a proper corrective chiropractic adjustment.

Interference in the nervous system is called subluxation. Subluxations cause a decrease in proper joint motion resulting in interference of the information being sent from the brain to other organs, cells, & tissues in the body. This interference from brain to body prohibits the body from functioning & healing at its designed potential. Removing the interference caused by subluxation brings hope in fostering the best possible opportunity for your body to heal and be well.

At Max Health Chiropractic, you will experience a commitment to corrective chiropractic care, which consists of the mix, fix and set process.  Mix is designed to warm the tissues up before your adjustment and accomplished through in-office, spinal rehab exercises.  Fix is the corrective adjustment.  Set is the rehabilitation of the body through a vibration plate after the adjustment.  Following this order, along with time and repetition, allows you to receive desired, predictable results. This highly successful form of treatment is one of the reasons we are among the largest practices in the State of Wisconsin. In addition, we use the newest spinal technology and research to identify the root causes of chronic misalignments so patients can experience much more than short-term improvements. 

At Max Health Chiropractic, we’re proud of the results many of our patients see and the impact that has on adding value to their life. Some of the most common results seen during care:


Improved quality of life


Decreased level of pain


Increased energy and alertness


Weight loss

People often ask us, “Can chiropractic care really help me?”

Whether you have concerns regarding your health, or you just want to continue on the road to wellness, the answer is mostly, “yes, we can help!”  However, the only way to truly know for sure how we can help you is to analyze your health history and do a thorough lifestyle evaluation. So, in order to determine how the Max Health Chiropractic team can help you specifically, please take advantage of our new patient special.  

Here’s what your first 3 visits would look like:

1st visit: Health history, computerized nerve scan, digitally analyzed posture analysis, and specific structural x-rays (if necessary).
2nd visit: First specific spinal adjustment.
3rd visit: Report of findings and recommendations for care.


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