Dr. Matt’s Story

In 2001, Dr. Matt Frahm was a 20-year-old college student who loved running, surfing, and the Florida Gators. On a quick ride, over to a friend’s house, the front tire of his motorcycle blew out, tossing him several hundred feet before he skid several more along the pavement. The accident caused third degree burns along the side of his body and quick-acting paramedics saved his life that afternoon. However, over 6 months later, even though his skin and the immediate injuries were mostly healed, and he was cleared to return back to the things he loved to do, lingering issues kept him from doing so. A constant sharp stabbing pain in the middle of his back, shortness of breath, and side effects of the original medications made it difficult for him to focus in school, have the energy he needed for work and friends, or pursue the physical activities he loved.

After many more months of more medications, little relief, and no answers, a family friend referred him to a local chiropractor. That chiropractor educated him on how the accident had damaged his spine, therefore causing the pain in his mid-back as well as interference to the nerves going out to his lungs. Over the course of care with this chiropractor, the misalignments in Dr. Matt’s spine were corrected, and he was taken through a process that allowed his body to heal, reduce his need for medication, and return to the things that he loved to do.

At the time of that motorcycle accident, Dr. Matt Frahm was on a pre-med track at the University of Florida and was eager to help people by becoming a medical doctor. However, even though he was grateful for the emergency medical care he received that day, it was the chiropractic care that gave him his life back, and thus he decided to become a chiropractor so that he could empower people to live their healthiest life.

In May 2008, Dr. Frahm did just that. He moved from Orlando, Florida to Milwaukee, WI open Pinnacle Chiropractic (now Max Health Chiropractic) and begin transforming the health of the Greater Milwaukee area. Since 2008, Max Health Chiropractic has expanded to 3 clinic locations (Brookfield, Hales Corners, and Waukesha), employs 5 doctors and 15 team members, and touches the lives of over 1,500 patients per year.

While these numbers are powerful indicators of the impact that Dr. Frahm has had on his community, it is his mission is to help people experience optimal well being that truly sets him apart. The walls of Dr. Frahm’s office are lined with testimonials from patients who have shared their stories of how the care has impacted their lives. One such patient is Dave, who used to have five migraines a week and now lives his life headache free. Another is Lisa, who used to suffer from chronic pain, but can now say with confidence: “This was a life changing experience for me. I had no idea that my spirit would be soaring so beautifully once again and my health would be rescued…This by far one of the greatest health models I have ever witnessed.”

These success stories are not anomalies, because the model of health care Max Health Chiropractic presents to patients is entirely different from most others seen today. With a focus on preventative care that takes into account not only cures but causes, Dr. Frahm and his team are able to get to the heart of the problem and attack it at its roots. This message is a new one to many, so from the very beginning, Dr. Frahm committed himself to sharing his passion for wellness with the community, just as his family friend had done for him.

Each year, Max Health Chiropractic communicates the principles of health and healing to over 2,000 guests at their health workshops and community dinners. Dr. Frahm is also the host of Max Health Radio on WISN 1130 and Joy1340am, and has been featured on The Real Milwaukee Show, The Morning Blend, NBC News, and on TBN’s Doctor to Doctor and Public Report programs. In addition, Max Health Chiropractic donates over $50,000 worth of services each year at several community outreach events, including the annual Doctors with a Heart Health Fair, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, and the Healthy for the Holidays Open House. With each of these opportunities, the team has out to reached the countless people who are longing for a real solution to health problems affecting their lives on a daily basis.

Due to the growth and success of Max Health Chiropractic, Dr. Frahm has received many acknowledgments for his tireless efforts on behalf of those seeking a new level of health. In 2009, he was also selected to be a member of the Sports Performance Council and named the official doctor for USA Wrestling and USA Judo. His dedication to these athletes earned him the 2010 Sports Performance Council Service Award, as well as trips to Mexico for the Pan American Games, Poland for the World Cup, and London for the Olympics. At the 2012 summer’s Olympic games, six of the 24 athletes that Dr. Frahm worked with earned medals for the United States.   

While these early years of business have left an impact on thousands of people, Dr. Frahm knows his work is far from done. It is his mission to truly change the way people view and manage their health and to be the health resource for his community. Dr. Frahm’s unique approach and holistic philosophy have resonated with many in the area.