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Our services are tried and true – we’ve had the privilege of treating members of US National Teams, as well as the 2012 Olympic Wrestling team. You may have even heard of us over the radio, on television, or in print. However, our credibility is best reflected in our everyday success stories and the patients we work with all over the Milwaukee area.

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At Max Health Chiropractic, $150 value Chiropractic Evaluation Appointment will cover a Focused Exam, Digital Posture Evaluation, Infrared Thermography Nerve Scan, Two Spinal X-rays in One Area of Complaint (if medical necessary), Doctor Review, & Verification of Health Insurance Benefits.

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Dr. Matthew Frahm

After traveling to New York City for my daughter Hannah’s eighth birthday, I found myself fascinated with the broad spectrum of people, places and events throughout the city. If you’ve ever visited New York City then you know what I mean…skyscrapers, Broadway shows, luxury hotels, yachts and helicopters mixed-in with street vendors, sidewalk entertainers, homeless people sleeping in the streets and everything in-between. Many times we take life for granted…

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